The Deteque datafeed service is sold only via Authorized Datafeed Vendors. It is not possible to contract this service from or with The Spamhaus Project as The Spamhaus Project does not conduct any commercial activity.

The datafeed service and the datafeed service infrastructure is supplied and managed by an independent data delivery company, Spamhaus Technology Ltd., trading as SpamTEQ™.

Spamhaus Technology is authorized by The Spamhaus Project to provide managed access to Spamhaus threat intelligence data.

These data, technologies and services are provided on the condition that Spamhaus Technology supplies and manages the service infrastructure and does not give these data, technologies and services to organizations involved in nefarious online activity including spamming, DNS abuse, botnet activity, DDoS, malware propagation, or other forms of cybercrime.

All Datafeed sales and first-line customer support are handled by independent Authorized Datafeed Vendors, including:

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