Millions of users, M2M updates & IoT devices rely on DNS so don’t run the risk of connecting to domains that are used to install malware, ransomware, botnets.

Mitigate the risk with Response Policy Zones (RPZ) threat intelligence.

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Deteque researchers work constantly to update threat intelligence on your behalf

Integrates into employee security awareness programs

RPZ is your DNS firewall in multi-layered security

What it is

Deteque researchers and automated systems gather information from across the internet to identify actively malicious domains, low reputation domains before they become active and compromised IP addresses.

Online fraud, disruption and exploitation take many forms so Deteque Zones are always evolving to take into account new types of threats and new ways cyber criminals abuse the DNS process.

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How it works

Without RPZ, a client queries a local DNS resolver. If the IP address for that domain is not included in its cache, it will query in turn an external root server, the Top Level Domain server and the domain server itself to get access to the site. The process will return both legitimate and malicious sites.

When a client initiates a query on an RPZ enabled nameserver, each step of the recursive DNS process is analyzed to identify bad domains, addresses and nameservers. If RPZ identifies a security risk the DNS server returns a ‘does not exist’ type answer to prevent access.

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Keep ahead of the threat - for free

RPZ is such a powerful tool we want you to experience it for free. The DROP (Do not Route Or Peer) Zone protects you from the ‘worst of the worst’ - IP ranges known to have been hijacked by professional spammers and cyber criminals, or have been directly allocated to criminal organizations by a regional internet registry. eDROP is a list of IP ranges that cyber criminals have leased from ISPs.

We have made this Zone available as a no-cost public service to direct users of the data.

See the positive impact RPZ from Spamhaus can have protecting you, your networks and your users.

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