Krebs on Security: Bad .Men at .Work. Please Don’t .Click

June 22, 2018

Taking intelligence from Spamhaus’s “The Most Abused Top Level Domains List”, Brian Krebs shines the spotlight on the riskiest top-level domains (TLDs).  Here he investigates the more recently released TLDs, noting their popularity among spammers and scammers....

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Cryptominer protection added to DNS Firewall Threat Feed

May 7, 2018

UPDATED 30th JULY 2018 No-one wants their devices hijacked for crypto mining so Deteque, a division of Spamhaus, has added a new layer of security with the introduction a ‘Cryptominer’ zone as part of its DNS Firewall Threat Feeds. Deteque researchers are constantly tracking the networks of crypto miners who use adverts, often on legitimate websites, to run JavaScript and other code that can drain processing power via the browser for crypto mining without any...

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Zero Reputation Domains (ZRD) boost against fraud & phishing on your network

May 4, 2018

Protection against fraud and phishing is now boosted with Zero Reputation Domains (ZRD) threat intelligence from Deteque, a division of Spamhaus. We have added a ZRD zone to Deteque’s DNS Firewall Threat Feeds, which can be used as a check in an organization’s DNS management to block malicious and low reputation domains. With the new ZRD data feed, network security managers can block access to newly-registered domains which are often associated with fraud or phishing...

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Cyber Protection Strategy: Threat Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

February 1, 2018

The threat from cyber criminals is relentless, so any protection strategy needs to ensure that a security team’s workload is manageable and focused. With the right threat intelligence strategy in place, there are ways to gain extra time and target the most serious threats. Through national news, businesses of all sizes are repeatedly urged to protect themselves against cyber crime. Recent UK Government statistics (The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017) found that nearly half of...

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