Passive DNS – Deteque’s newest release

May 27, 2019

Deteque is delighted to announce the latest release of our Passive DNS service.  This is a simple to use, effective and fast investigation tool, available via a web browser or API.  With all the expected features of Passive DNS, including ‘Forward’ & ‘Reverse’ searches, we also have unique features including ‘Fuzzy’ search and International Domain Name (IDN) support.  Want to find out more?… Who should consider using Passive DNS? Security Professionals, Malware Researchers, Brand Protection...

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Take control of the ‘risk’ factor and choose your DNS Firewall Threat Feeds wisely

March 7, 2019

DNS Firewall Threat Feeds are delivered in the industry standard Response Policy Zones (RPZ) format. These zones are called ‘policy’ for a good reason, i.e., they allow you to choose and implement the protection policies that you want. When choosing DNS Firewall Threat Feeds its key to ensure you pick the right ones based on the relevant level of protection your business requires, otherwise you could be making things more tricky than they need to...

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Connect with Deteque @ RSA® Conference 2019

February 25, 2019

Deteque is delighted to be part of the RSA® Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, 4th-8th March 2019. The RSA® Conference 2019 This is the place to be for the latest in cybersecurity data, innovation and thought leadership. Bringing together cybersecurity’s brightest minds, the industry’s newest developments are discussed in addition to looking predictions for the forthcoming year. From keynotes presented by experts to numerous sessions covering everything under the cybersecurity sun, there’s no...

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The most abused top-level domains in 2018

February 22, 2019

Last year, Cybercriminals were exceptionally busy registering domain names which were used to host a botnet command & control (C&C).  The team at Spamhaus, whose threat intelligence powers Deteque’s services, observed a large 52% increase compared to 2017! Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to the most abused top-level domains (TLDs) in 2018, along with a steer on how to protect yourself from a worrying trend concerning decentralized TLDs (dTLDs). The importance of...

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An overview of botnet C&C malware in 2018

February 12, 2019

Spamhaus is the engine that powers Deteque’s services with its carefully researched threat intelligence.  In 2018 the researchers at Spamhaus blocked over 10,000 botnet command & control (C&C).  That is the highest number on record.   But what was the malware associated with each botnet C&C?  Here’s your chance to find out, and discover an automated way to protect your network and users against these threats at the DNS level. The malware that came and...

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Spamhaus Hausbot Alert #1 – Botnet activity has significantly risen over the past 2 months

February 4, 2019

We have observed a significant increase in the amount of botnet activity across the past few months.  Watch the video below to find out what’s driving this....

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Cyber security is becoming a matter of life or death for healthcare providers

February 1, 2019

Cyber attacks across the healthcare sector are rampant and show no signs of abating. Security and network teams within this industry have the odds stacked against them; proving that it’s crucial to build a multi-faceted security strategy that is smart, both in regards to spend and resources. Healthcare under attack When it comes to cyber attacks healthcare is the highest targeted sector.  In 2017 there were over 300 breaches.  That is over 29 times the...

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Connect with Deteque @ DNS-OARC 39th CENTR Technical Workshop

October 9, 2018

Join the Deteque team at DNS-OARC 39th CENTR Technical Workshop, in Amsterdam, on 13-14 October 2018. Focused on DNS operations and research, the DNS-OARC event provides attendees with the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the security and stability of the internet’s DNS infrastructure. Connect with us to discuss how you can increase the security of your DNS infrastructure, through DNS Firewall Threat Feeds and Passive DNS. Register here....

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Connect with Deteque @ ISF’s 29th Annual World Congress

October 9, 2018

We look forward to connecting with attendees of ISF’s 29th Annual World Congress, in Las Vegas, on  27-30 October 2018. Information Security Forum’s flagship event provides an opportunity for those attending to discuss and find solutions to current security challenges.  Leaning on both the expertise of security industry specialists from around the world and the experience of peers, there is a wealth of information available from best practices to the latest thought leadership. Deteque’s resellers...

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What is DNS Firewall? A beginner’s guide

September 14, 2018

With the ever increasing demands on IT, security and networking teams, tools that reduce workloads, which don’t cost the earth, are always welcome.  One such tool is DNS Firewall. For those not familiar with how DNS Firewall works, and the benefits it provides, read on… An introduction to DNS Firewall At its most basic level, similar to traditional firewalls, DNS Firewall blocks/redirects end-users from accessing malicious sites.  The main difference between the two is that...

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