Live botnet threats worldwide

The IP address locations of servers used to control computers infected with malware

  • Locations with the most intense bot activity
  • Command & Control botnet servers

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Number of active bots in the last 24 hours

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Top 10 Worst Botnet Countries

1 India 1972111
2 China 1597613
3 Viet Nam 931232
4 Iran (Islamic Republic of) 754742
5 Thailand 568626
6 Brazil 495136
7 Indonesia 394823
8 Egypt 357186
9 Russian Federation 307357
10 Pakistan 272497
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Top 10 Worst Botnet ISPs

1 967666
2 902276
3 624413
4 613739
5 439481
6 330467
7 235249
8 223585
9 202431
10 200526
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Reputation-based threat intelligence at every level

DNS Firewall

DNS Firewall

Prevents connections to malicious domains and IP addresses

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Passive DNS

Global threat data that's a powerful boost to your SIEM and security analysis

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Border Gateway Protocol

Block connections from malicious IP addresses at the network edge

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Web Query Service

Stop force & fraud attacks targeting website forms and customer logins

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