Passive DNS

Border Gateway Protocol

Border Gateway Protocol data feeds are an additional layer in your network security defenses, blocking connections to IPs involved in the most dangerous cybercrime and DDoS attacks.

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Identify infected devices with intrusion prevention servers (IPS) and intrusion detection servers (IDS)

Neutralises botnet nodes within your network and stops data egress

Security experts maintain BGP data as a zero false positive list

What it is

Quick, automated traffic routing is essential for seamless internet communications and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) has become an industry routing standard.

IP addresses with routing privileges are highly valued by cyber criminals but there is a way to block traffic at your network edge from the hijacked and malicious IPs used by criminals.

How it works

By taking just a few minutes to configure your edge router to peer with a Deteque BGP router and a null route, you can provide your network with the most up-to-date protection against botnets, phishing and external attacks on your organization’s servers.

After installing BGP feeds in your router’s DENY table, all communication to, and from, C&C servers is blocked. Disrupting communication with C&C servers neutralises botnet nodes within your network and stops data egress, even if the devices are still infected with malware.

Installation Guide

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