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Passive DNS: Trusted real time threat intelligence

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DNS Firewall improve security against malicious and compromised sites

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Reputation-based threat intelligence at every level

DNS Firewall

DNS Firewall

Prevents connections to malicious domains and IP addresses

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Passive DNS

Global threat data that's a powerful boost to your SIEM and security analysis

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Border Gateway Protocol

Block connections from malicious IP addresses at the network edge

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Web Query Service

Stop force & fraud attacks targeting website forms and customer logins

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About Deteque

Deteque is integrated with a global network of
service providers and a community of security
researchers who are dedicated to collecting,
collating and delivering DNS-related threat

A division of Spamhaus

Since 1998, Spamhaus has been working as a
trusted third party with a network of
organizations from all over the world
contributing data that helps protect everyone.
Spamhaus currently protects three billion user
mailboxes, blocking the vast majority of spam
and malware sent on the Internet.

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My DNS Firewall service protects my customers from known sources of malicious content including malware, botnets, viruses, trojans, exploits and APT. My service uses more than 60 different threat data feeds (commercial and open source) and this threat data is automatically delivered through DNS and continuously updated to block threats as they emerge. I have used Deteque threat feeds for over 3 years successfully and support & service is always good. Walter R, SecureMe
blueAPACHE uses Deteque threat feeds in our recursive DNS platform in order to provide DNS blocking functionality. We see this as a critical value-add which when used alongside our other security products provides a complete multi-layered approach that protects our client organisations from targeted and other advanced malware attacks. James H, blueApache
We are using the Deteque threat feeds service to protect our guest WLAN customers and to keep our IP address range reputation in good shape. The service has been working very for the past three years and we and our customers are very happy with it. Lukas R, Post CH AG
Deteque threat feeds were perfect for security beyond the firewall delivering high quality data feeds. In combination with other vendors we secure our network and have no incidents in the last two 2 years. Alois K, Blue Shield Security GmbH

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